The Spraoi School team were re-energising their creative juices last weekend at OFFSET 2015 at the Board Gáis Energy Theatre, Dublin. The three day event kicked off to an exhilarating start on Friday morning introducing us to some of the industry’s top professionals in the fields of graphic design, photography, art, illustration, animation and advertising. The wide variety of speakers was very refreshing and they certainly kept us on our toes as they showcased some of their best work and revealed the secrets behind their success.

One of our favourite things about the talks was how human the speakers came across to the audience. These are some of the top creatives in the world and they seemed to tell us about their mistakes and failures just as much as their success stories, which was hugely encouraging. Rory Hamilton told us about how he was destined for the advertising industry from a very young age after seeing a farmer post a political message on a wall, introducing Rory to the power of advertising. And on the other hand there was Steve Doogan who brought us on the hilarious journey of social experiments he carried out after he left college, and the very different types of work he did before somewhat accidentally falling into his career in illustration and design. One talk that stood out to us as particularly interesting was from the world renowned graphic designer Annie Atkins, who spoke about her projects which included teaming up with Wes Anderson for The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The Spraoi School office was flooded with new ideas and creative thoughts after returning from a truly exciting and innovative weekend and we can’t wait for next year - #OFFSET2016!

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