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One part of educational technology we’ve seen growing in popularity over the past while is the introduction of ePortfolios both in and out of the classroom. The future is looking bright for edtech, with the evident success of the EUfolio project in a number of different schools across Europe. We were pleased to be invited to attend the EUfolio ePortfolio International Conference in Dublin Castle - just a short walk from the Spraoi School headquarters!


So, what is an ePortfolio?

As defined in the EUfolio summary report, “ePortfolios are student-owned dynamic digital workspaces wherein students can capture their learning and their ideas, access their collections of work, reflect on their learning, share it, set goals, seek feedback and showcase their learning and achievements.”


As part of the EUfolio project these ePortfolios were implemented in the classroom over a two-year period in Lithuania, Slovenia, Cyprus Spain and Ireland. The results and conclusions were very positive, with pilot implementation findings showing that 88% agreed or strongly agreed that the project had a positive impact on their students. At the conference we listened to the experts, the teachers and the students involved in the project, demonstrating how the ePortfolios helped their teaching and learning. Hearing about the experience from teacher Eoghan Evesson’s perspective and seeing Irish students showcase their impressive work really painted a great picture for this project, and we foresee a great future for the use of ePortfolios in education.

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