Symmetry School in Irish Times’ top 5 maths apps

The Irish Times this week published 'The 50 best apps to aid learning', and named our brain-twisting iPad app, Symmetry School: Learning Geometry, as one of the top five maths and numeracy apps!


Peter McGuire writes,

The Department of Education’s professional development service for maths teachers also provides a list of age-specific maths apps for iPad: just Google “Maths apps for Irish primary schools”. They’re all designed to be interactive and engaging, and may be particularly useful for building up the skills of children who are struggling.

It seems that the appeal of Symmetry School goes beyond children, as Peter McGuire admits the Irish Times team enjoyed it too...

This brain-teasing game, designed by Irish firm PixelSoup, is for children of all abilities and levels. It focuses on geometry, getting kids to explore symmetry and shapes through puzzles. Kids who use Symmetry School will build on their capacity for spatial reasoning, problem-solving and visualisation. (It’s also possible that a journalist or two might also have enjoyed playing with this one. Ahem.)
It’s a great success story for Irish app developers, having shot to the top of the iTunes education app charts in its first week of release. Not the cheapest app out there, but worth the price.

We're delighted to be recognised as one of the top learning apps - and we're glad the journalists had fun playing it too!


Symmetry School: Learning Geometry Symmetry School: Learning Geometry is available on the Apple App Store.


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