Press Kit


Press Kit

Thank you for your interest in Spraoi School. Please find below relevant information about Spraoi School & Symmetry School for press and media.

What is the Spraoi School series?

Spraoi School is an engaging series of multilingual apps and games, designed by PixelSoup,  that deliver bite-sized educational concepts that directly target curriculum objectives. The purpose of the Spraoi School series is to support the development of mathematical, language and science-based reasoning in early-to-middle childhood education.

'Spraoi' is the Irish word for 'fun' and is pronounced ‘Spree’ (spriː ).


What is Symmetry School?

The first app in the Spraoi School series is Symmetry School: Learning Geometry – a captivating, brain-twisting iPad app designed to support and encourage mathematical development in your child.


Symmetry School’s intuitive learning experience allows children of varying abilities to learn through play, exploring hard-to-grasp symmetrical concepts on their own terms and at their own pace. Suitable for home or school use, Symmetry School has been developed in-line with international curriculum requirements for short-form K-12 learning.

Symmetry School: Learning Geometry can be downloaded on the App Store.



Download the Spraoi School Brochure for further information.


Logos, Icons & Images

Please find below graphic packs for press and promotional purposes. Pack graphics and images can be used when featuring the Symmetry School product or when used to illustrate an article about Spraoi School or Symmetry School.

Spraoi School – Logo
Symmetry School – Logo
Symmetry School – App Icon
Symmetry School – App Screenshots
Symmetry School – App Store Images (English)
Symmetry School – App Launch Photographs


Press Releases

6 June 2013 – Irish SME Targets International Markets with New Education App


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