Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Spraoi School?

Spraoi School make fun and engaging interactive apps that directly target core educational objectives. Our mission is to make learning fun!

What is Symmetry School and how does it work?

Symmetry School is an interactive game for pupils aged from 7 – 12+ years, and introduces reflective and rotational symmetry as an engaging mathematical puzzle. It allows users to explore symmetrical patterns and develop their spatial sense to create strategies to help them solve problems.

Symmetry School is available as an iPad App and also as Symmetry School Online (Whiteboard Version).

Does Symmetry School work on the iPad?

Symmetry School: Learning Geometry is now available for iPad and iPad mini.

Do I need to register to access Symmetry School Online?

You can register for a Spraoi School account by visiting our members page and registering your details. After you register you will be able to gain access to Symmetry School Online and other Spraoi School Online products and information.

What are the system requirements for Symmetry School Online?

The system requirements to run Symmetry School Online are:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7:

Internet Explorer (Version 7 or later)

FireFox (Version 3.6 or later)

Chrome (Version 17.0.963.56 or later)

  • Mac OS X:

Opera (Version 9.62 or later)

Safari (Version 5.1.2 or later)

FireFox (version 3.6.27 or later)

Chrome (Version 17.0.963.56 or later

  • Minimum Adobe Flash Player requirements, Flash Player 8.0.0. To get the latest version click here Adobe Flash Player.
  • Optimum display resolution: 1028x768

What if my question isn't answered?

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us for Spraoi School account support.