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NEW Symmetry School: Learning Geometry

The first product in the Spraoi School series is Symmetry School — a captivating, brain-twisting game designed to support and encourage mathematical development in children.

Symmetry School’s intuitive learning experience allows children of varying abilities to learn through play, exploring hard-to-grasp concepts of symmetry on their own terms and at their own pace.



Geometry, the mathematics of shape and space, was selected as a fun and practical way to introduce mathematical thinking, and Symmetry School encourages learners to use their intuition and imagination to explore symmetrical puzzles. Through gameplay, learners will be aided in developing an essential foundation in spatial reasoning, problem solving and visualization.

The increasing complexity of the activities from the ‘Easy’ to the ‘Hard’ levels ensures that pupils of all abilities are catered for and are developing a fundamental understanding of the concepts of reflective & rotational symmetry.


Using Symmetry School: Learning Geometry learners will:

• Learn to recognise reflective and rotational symmetry.
• Use an understanding of reflective symmetry to complete the missing part of a pattern.
• Use an understanding of rotational symmetry to predict and describe the results of rotating patterns.
• Recognise simple spatial patterns and relationships and make predictions about them.
• Develop a foundation for understanding symmetry at later levels.counters
• Solve problems and learn to work systematically.
• Develop fine motor skills.
• Have fun and learn!



Symmetry School has had an amazing response from traditional media and online reviewers.


iPad Kids

“Even as little as two or three hours of time spent on Symmetry School will bring out a marked difference in your child’s pattern recognition abilities.”
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The Guardian

20 Best iPhone and iPad Apps This Week
(Friday 24 May 2013)

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iPad Kids

“This is a great app that will provide pupils of all academic abilities with opportunities to explore symmetry in an enjoyable and enthralling manner.”
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Using an appealing combination of shapes and colours, Symmetry School provides endless rounds of challenges to help learners perfect their mastery of both reflective and rotational symmetry. A carefully levelled system allows learners to progress from simple reflective patterns with a single line of symmetry, to more challenging rotational puzzles where the learner must visualise the effect of rotating part of a pattern around a single centre point. Predicting the final, rotated position of a pentagon can be a brain-twisting exercise for grown-ups, too!

ipad_reflective_03PRACTICE AND PLAY

Symmetry School includes a ‘Free Play’ mode which delivers the flexibility of a blank canvas to allow your child to create their own symmetrical patterns and to engage in imaginative play. In Free Play mode, children are encouraged to use their imagination and to explore what they have learnt about reflective and rotational symmetry.


Our rigorous school pilots and usability tests ensure that our apps work as well in the classroom as they do at home. Symmetry School has a homework module that enables students to send their results to a parent or teacher, a whiteboard version is available for classroom use with every app purchase, and we have an array of supplemental teaching materials available for download.


Symmetry School: Learning Geometry is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Irish and Chinese. The educational vocabulary and terminology used in Symmetry School has been chosen by international educationalists for all included languages, and rigorously user tested through multiple home and school pilots.

New languages coming soon: Dutch, Italian, Russian and Turkish. 


Symmetry School: Learning Geometry is available to download on the Apple App Store.

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