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Symmetry School has had an amazing response from traditional media and online reviewers see what the critics have to say!


The Appy Ladies

July 2013 − The Appy Ladies - App Review

Appy Chat and Giveaway: 4 Promo Codes

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July 2013 − Anseo.net - App Review

“The first thing I noticed about Symmetry School is its beauty, this is a good-looking app. The second was its simplicity. The game is educationally very sound and follows the maths curriculum.”

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Geeks with Juniors

July 2013 − Geeks with Juniors - App Review

“Symmetry School: Learning Geometry is an excellent app that provides endless rounds of challenges to help kids perfect their mastery of reflective and rotational symmetry.”

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July 2013 − Texas Computer Education Association – App Review and Recommended Apps List

“We found [Symmetry School: Learning Geometry] to be an extremely well-made app that is clearly designed for student discovery learning and are very happy to recommend it.”

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August 2013 − 148Apps - App Review

★★★★ - “[Symmetry School: Learning Geometry] does a great job of engaging users as they use their brain power to figure these puzzles out.”

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